How it works


Once we have agreed on starting a social media marketing campaign for your gallery, we will start planning the content (video & images) for the next weeks, that might be around an exhibition, artist or art piece you would like to promote.

We want to make the most out of the day filming, so we will aim to produce 3-4 pieces of content around that exhibition or artist, that might be, for example, a special art piece or the history of the gallery.

Our friendly and talented crew will then come and film that content.


When everything is captured we will start working our magic. First, you will receive the main videos for review, these are 3-4 minute beautiful ‘art-pieces’ to be used on your web page, promote an exhibition and go in your newsletter.

We then take these videos and create audio files for your podcast, transcribe them for blogs and Linkedin articles, extract images and video for Instagram, cut them up into smaller videos for Facebook and Twitter and re-format them for Instagram stories and IGTV.


At the same time, our social media team are building proxy audiences for your campaign, these are your ideal customer and are going to be targeted with your original content. They are created based on interest, likes, social status, location or maybe we target your competitors' followers.

Basically, we make sure that every penny you spend on advertising is going on just the people you want it to target.

We split test, analyse and tweak your campaign during its course and can achieve cost as low as £0.005 per view of your video.


We are now ready to start your campaign, each cycle is started with/by posting the main video on your web page, Youtube, FB and in a newsletter.

We then, over the next week, post all the extra content we created for Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, at the right time on the right platforms, boosted by targeted advertising using the pre-built audiences, linking it all back to your web page and main video.

The cycles then run till we are out of content, we just book another day of filming and repeat, giving you time to focus on building your business, whilst you social media campaign is working in the background for you.

NOTE: We use, cookies, FB pixel and detailed analytics to track your audience's journey and provide you with a detailed report at the end of each campaign.