May 24, 2021

Jewellery Filming with Jed Green

Filming Individual Jewellery Piece Videos for Jed Green

We don’t just film art

On 18th April, Alice and Jonas went to do some shooting of Jed Green’s innovative glass creations. At Film Yard Art we don’t just shoot traditional art. Anything that is artistic and beautiful deserves to be shot as art, and it’s this philosophy we apply to jewellery.

A photo of jeweller Jed Green.

Jed Green.

Jed Green, jeweller

Jed works with everyday materials to create exciting and maximalist pieces that challenge their humble origins. Taking borosilicate glass most typically used in science and other commercial industries, Jed transforms the ordinary into magical items that possess a unique sense of movement. 

Through cutting, carving and lampwork, glass is reimagined into coral-esque shapes, repetitive patterns are employed to provide a constant shifting and intricacy, colour is thoughtfully applied to make the extraordinary occur.

In Jed’s careful hands, everyday practicality turns into stunning wearable art.

An example of one of Jed Green's pieces.

A domed and curved pink necklace.

Filming Individual Piece Videos

Briefed with creating Individual Piece Videos for her incredible and intricate jewellery, we set about thinking of the best way to make these labyrinthine pieces pop. 

To make the most of the glass and metal, we wanted to hone in on lighting and close-ups. As a result, we chose to proceed with a lightbox style of filming, carefully rotating the items one by one to capture every facet and glimmer. Once setup was complete, it was easy to switch out different pieces of jewellery. As a result this is a fast and cost-effective option for jewellers looking to make their work stand out. 

A photo showing the set-up of jewellery in a light box and a camera pointing at it.

Filming jewellery in a light box.

A taste of the outcomes

Below you can see a snippet of what can be achieved with our knowledge and expertise. Professional, high quality glitzy stills and videos for your social media and marketing campaigns. 

Showing a still of some of the footage filmed.

A still from the footage Jonas filmed.

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