König Galerie
Matthias Weischer

For the Gallery Weekend 2019 in Berlin, König Galerie had a solo exhibition with Matthias Weischer at the fantastic gallery space St. Agnes, Berlin. We were asked to produce a series of videos to help promote the show, gallery and artist.

The main video featured Matthias Weischer and Johann König walking through the finished exhibition space, talking about style and thoughts behind the use of space. The video was close to 3 minutes long and was used in their newsletter and webpage. A shorter 1-minute version was made to promote the exhibition on Instagram and was delivered within 24 hours and ready for the opening of the exhibition.
In addition to these videos, we made 3 shorter videos with Matthias Weischer where he talks about 3 different paintings. These videos give the view a unique insight into how Matthias works and his thoughts behind some of his paintings.

Christoph Pantke, Head of Press & PR:

„Working with the Film Yard Art has been a pleasure and the results were outstanding! From the planning to production and the review process, it has been a very smooth collaboration and we highly recommend working with their film team. Moreover, the team worked with high efficiency, attention to detail and delivered before deadlines.”

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