August 13, 2018

Film Yard Art – Origins

In today’s blog post, founder Jonas Stockfleth talks about the background and making of Film Yard Art. 

It all started when…

“In Autumn of 2017, my friend Phil recommended my services to a Mayfair art gallery looking for video content. They were hoping to promoting their stand at Frieze London, and an upcoming exhibition. At that point I had already been making corporate and commercial videos for the past 6 years. Making a handful of small videos for a gallery seemed like an easy tangent.

We were engaged to deliver one video of the exhibition, one animation of a select few pieces, and one showcase video of the artist featured at Frieze London. Working with the gallery, we planned the videos and shoot carefully to ensure we’d get footage that we know from experience is impactful and professional. I personally don’t like anything that is overly focussed on ‘selling’, and we wanted to create original content that informed viewers of the work and artist without being forceful. To this end we selected soundbites from an interview with the artist that centred on the art primarily. We paired this with footage of the art that felt most organic.

As we were capturing footage of a curated and finished gallery space, it meant filming right before the exhibition opened. That’s a very tight turnaround to complete the edit! With some late night work, coffee and takeout, we had all the content ready to go for the morning. Time really flies when you’re having fun and working on videos of such beautiful art definitely helps.

We thought that was the end of it.

At the time my company The Film Yard was extremely busy. We were in the lead-up to Christmas, and had lots of other shoots. I didn’t think much else of the gallery we’d filmed , until we were asked back to create some more videos. Having had such an enjoyable time with them before, I was happy to sign us back up.

After Christmas we were engaged a third time by the same gallery. It was then that I began to realise the possibilities and scope. With 4 projects in under 5 months, and it had to be that videos were performing better than traditional methods. The gallery very kindly provided us with statistics on their ROI, and we had clear answers as a result. The video content was cheaper, provided more exposure, offered more detailed analytics. Most importantly there was an increase in footfall to the gallery.

The more I thought about it,

I’m a long-term art lover, with a particular keen interest in contemporary art and paintings. Those interests can be seen in my own collection of art. My family and I lived in Madrid a few years ago, and we spent every weekend exploring museums, galleries and private collections. It was during this time that my tastes were honed, and Phil and I developed a ritual of attending the summer exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts together every year. This eventually led to him recommending my services to the Mayfair gallery.

I put 2 and 2 together – could I combine my passion for filmmaking and art? The idea to specialise in bespoke video production for the art world was born. Today, we’re proud to offer a range of services ranging from artist profiles, to exhibitions and art fairs, and individual showcase videos for specific pieces and even high-end jewellery.”

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