August 13, 2018

Film Yard Art – Origins

Much less exciting than a ‘superhero origins movie’, the idea and founding of Film Yard Art happen almost by coincidence over a busy few month period.

Autumn 2017 my good friend Phil recommended my video services to a Mayfair art gallery, who was planning a ‘video social media campaign’ for their stand at Frieze London and an upcoming exhibition. My company The Film Yard had been making corporate and commercial videos for the past 6 years and making some small videos for the campaign was something we definitely could help with.

I have always been an art lover, especially paintings and contemporary art. When we lived in Madrid we almost spent every weekend exploring Museums, galleries and hidden private collections open to the public. Phil and I also always go to the summer exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art’s together and it was one of the reasons he sought I would be perfect for the job.

We planned the videos and the shoot carefully with the gallery and Phil to ensure that the video has maximum impact. We were going to deliver, one video of the exhibition, one animation of some of the art pieces and one showcase video of the artist featured ar Frieze London. We started immediately with the animating of the two videos and at the same time started selecting soundbites from existing interviews with the artists to use as a soundtrack. We wanted to create original content that informed the viewers of the work and artist and avoid ‘selling’ anything.

As we were capturing the finish curated gallery space, we were not able to film till very close to the opening of the exhibition. So once we had captured the footage we only had one day to complete the edit, we pulled in a late night shift and had the edit ready the next morning. Before I knew it we had completed the 3 videos and some extra small clips for Instagram. Time flies when you have fun and we definitely had fun working with on these art videos.

The Film Yard was at the time very busy with loads of work leading up to Christmas so I did not think any more about it, other than that I had really enjoyed working on the project. Just before Christmas, we were asked to do another little video for the same gallery, again I really enjoyed working on the project and was happy that I had managed to build a good relationship with them.

After Christmas, we did another project with the gallery and this is when I realised that the videos must be doing really well, we had done 4 projects in under 5 months, maybe there was something here. This is when I started asking how the other campaigns had done and if the ROI was better than traditional advertising galleries were doing. The answer was clear and straight – YES – it was cheaper, got more exposure, came with detailed analytics of views, audiences and clickthroughs and most important more visitors to the gallery.

That day it dawned on me, a subject I loved and a happy client getting ROI… maybe other galleries would be interested in the same service? The idea for a bespoke social media management and promotion company with video production at its core.

And here we are 3 months later with the launch of Film Yard Art,  With our bespoke service, we help galleries take full advantage of the marketing tools social media offers, with video at the core we help them build a brand presence, customer awareness, credibility and loyalty for decades to come.

Here you can see many of our exiting projects