July 15, 2018

How To Use Facebook Advertising

Founder, Jonas, shares his thoughts on Facebook Advertising


How does Facebook advertising work?

How can Art Galleries use Facebook for advertising and get the most value for their marketing budget? With Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, advertising on these platforms has become much easier and more affordable than conventional platforms like Google keywords and pay-per-click. However, the biggest advantage is the precisely targeted advertising that Facebook offers on its platforms, enabling you to get your content in front of just the audience you want to engage with.

Why use video on Facebook?

Not only is video the medium that conveys the most information at once and retains attention best, but it can also help bring art to life. Video is also the No.1 medium to engage audiences with on social media and it now comes with a FREE BONUS! Facebook is battling with YouTube to become the No.1 video platform, so it is pushing Facebook video content to the front, giving you a free boost.

What other benefits does Facebook advertising offer?

In addition to letting you target specific audiences by; interests, job, income or location, in any combination that suits you, Facebook gathers detailed information about your audience that you again can use to re-target to increase your ROI on future campaigns.

When should I start Facebook advertising?

Just as with Google ad-words and pay-per-click, this won’t stay cheap forever in 2017 the CPC increased by 136%, so the time to take advantage in NOW. However with the political scandal in 2018 involving Cambridge Analytica as made some of the biggest companies hold back some of their digital marketing spending and has given us a few more years before they take their TV advertising budgets and pour all their money into the digital space.

Here are some examples of video content we have made for art galleries to promote their exhibitions and art fair stands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JVAlUo0RUg

You can download the full guide to digital advertising for art galleries here: https://www.filmyardart.com/freeguide/FilmYardArt-How-to-video-guide.pdf